Derek Graziano, Luthier

Madison County of WNC   

 Derek (Graz) exhibits very innovative style in his work. He is inspired to create personal, custom instruments, keeping an open conversation in order to incorporate each individual customer's ideas for their instrument. Derek offers fully and linear chromatic hammered dulcimers, as well as the standard hammered dulcimer tuning. He specializes in using gemstones and wood as bridge caps, instead of commonly used plastic. 


Derek builds hammered dulcimers of various proportions, from beginner models to custom built wide-range models. He also offers Native American flutes of various tunings, and custom instruments of your wildest dreams!

Please consider donating to our vision of providing people with unique, healing, custom made instruments!


Graz's most recent project completed: a personalized hammered dulcimer with ametrine gemstone bridge caps, and maple, bubinga, sapele, and cherry woods.

A matching gemstone pendant is included with every hammered dulcimer: 



 Video of Derek demonstrating and talking                about 4 unique hammered dulcimer models:


Look on the "DeLorean" page to see photos of Graz constructing his own personal time machine




Thinking of getting your own hammered dulcimer, or a gift for your musically-inclined loved ones? Derek offers payment plans for your convenience, and is willing to discuss different options in order to create a custom made hammered dulcimer to your liking!





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